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Basics of Patterning
Pattern and Penetration Testing by Rob Douglas




My Patterns!

Here are my patterns from my test this summer. I was looking at them and was wondering what you guys think. I thought they were pretty good, But i'm no expert.
Just keep in mind some human error, and I cant draw the best Circle.
These were shot out of a Benelli M1, with a Briley extended modified choke.
Fasteel #2's 1 1/8 1560 fps. at 35-40 yards.
Please tell me your opinions.
There are three pictures., so give me time to post.





Added 4.11.04

Patterning Results: High Speed Tungsten Matrix

Well, I wnet to the patterning board today with Kent Tungsten Matrix 3's and 5's going 1525fps.
I do not know how I feel about the patterns. I definetly need your advice. I believe I got a decent patterns with the full choke, but at 25 yards, they seemed tight. i do not know if they are to tight though.
I also seem to shoot some of them better standing up. When i sat down with a rest, they seem to go left. Standing, they were more even.
I did shoot at a dot in the 30 inch cirlce, as apposed to making a circle around the shot
Please give me your opinion, as I am not sure how i feel on the results.
Let me post all twelve, before you respond.


#5's at 40 yards with a full choke

#3's at 40 yards with a full choke

#5's with a Improved Modified choke at 25 yards

#5's with an Improved modified, at 40 yards

#5's at 40 yards with a full choke

#3's with a full choke at 40 yards

#3's with a full choke at 25

#5's at 40 yards with an Improved Modified choke

#5's at 40 yards with a full choke

#3's at 40 yards with a full choke

#3's at 40 yards with a full choke

#5's at 40 yards with an Improved Modified choke


High Speed Tungsten Matrix:Part 2

As promised, here are my results with a Modified choke.
These are shot with a Benelli M1, with a Briley Modified extended choke.
These are Kent Tungsten Matrix 3" 1 1/4 #3's going 1525 fps.
The first four are shot at around 35-40 paces
The last two are at around 20 paces.
Besides the first on, the other 3 I think look pretty decent.
I did a 2 close ones to show you what they look like at that range.
I did this standing up. (last time I patterned I was pullin to the left when i used a rest). These seemed right on.
It was also very windy, and I was in a little bit of a rush, because my target kept blowing down.
Tell me what you think.
If you can also give me a percentage, It would be very much appreciated.


35-40 paces

101  pellets
35-40 paces

123 pellets
35-40 paces

124 pellets
35-40 paces

117 pellets
20 paces

151 pellets
20 paces

142 pellets

Added 4.29.04

Wad Wizard SWAT Patterns!!

Well my friends, I think I found a Good Choke and Load Combo, (please tell me If I am wrong)
I shot out of my Benelli M1, with a 28 inch barrel.
I used a Wad Wizard SWAT tube.
I took 3-4 shots at a Measured 40 yards, and 1 shot each at Measured 25 yards.
My first shots were with Kent Tungsten matrix 3" 1 1/2 oz #3's going 1350 fps. [179 pellets]
The second group was Tungsten matrix 3" 1 1/2 #5's going 1350 fps. [236 pellets]
The Third group is Remington Hevishot 3" 1 1/2 #6's going 1300 FPS. [356 pellets]
In my opinion, The T/M #3's with be my eider load, and the Hevishot with be my Regular duck load.
With the T/M, I think this is close to its distance limit, and I think with the hevishot, I could get maybe 10 more yards out of it.
I cant see myself really shooting past 40 yards though, Its quite a distance. (large decoy spreads, no pass shooting).
Tell me what yoiu think. Just let me post them all before you reply if you will. There are 13 . man I am tired.
Thanks again.


40 yards 53%

#3's at 95 Pellets
40 yards 47%

#3's 84 pellets
40 yards 45%

#3's 81 pellets
40 yards 44%

#3's 79 pellets
25 yards 79%

#3's at 141 pellets
40 yards 48%

#5's 113 pellets
40 yards 46%

#5's 108 pellets
40 yards 52%

#5's 122 pellets
25 yards 84%

#5's 198 pellets
40 yards 75%

#6's 266 pellets
40 yards 64%

#6's 228 pellets
40 yards 57%

#6's 204 pellets
25 yards 82%

#6's 293 pellets


Added 7.15.04

Tried the #4 Hevishot. Looks Good!

Well after several months of contemplating between he TM #3's and the Hevishot #4's,( I already love the hevishot #6's) i did some patterning today with the #4's.
I am happy with them, and think they look good. tell me what you think.
(remember spread of the pattern)
I am using a Benelli M1 with a Wad Wizard SWAT tube.
Load is Remington Hevishot 3" #4's, 1 1/2 oz going 1300fps.
Distance is for the first 4, a measured 40 yards, and the 5th 25 yards.
I think this will be better for my eider hunt, and could hopefully use it for geese too. To refresh your memory, my shooting is over large decoy spreads, 40 +- or under, with the eider hunting 25-35 yards.
Please let me load them all.
Thanks a million in advance.


40 yards

124 Pellets
40 yards

120 Pellets
40 yards

117 Pellets
40 yards

112 Pellets
25 yards

147 Pellets