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Basics of Patterning
Pattern and Penetration Testing by Rob Douglas





Pattern Results with Hevi & Terror Tubes

Spent about 3 hours dodging rain & shooting patterns with HS. I used a set of Wad Wizards & Terror Tubes, .655 & .700. The gun used was a 13 yr old SBE with a 28" barrel. It was really amazing to see the results between the tubes. All were 3 shot avg. I don't have pictures, hope to get some eventually. I will post the .655 results after I get them counted & done. First off I didn't get any results out of the Wad Wizard Supreme past 40 yards I would be happy with. I used all factory loadings of HS. I had 1 1/4 oz. 2 3/4 in 4's & 71/2's at 1325 fps. 1 3/8 oz. 3 in 4's at 1450 fps. 1 1/2 oz ,3 in. BB's. The results I got were;

.700 tube at 25 yrds with the 1 3/8 #4 at 1450 fps; 100%

As expected very tight & dense pattern.

.700 tube @ 40 yrds with 1 1/4 #4 @ 1325 fps; 88%

Pattern was a little dense toward the core.

.700 @ 50 yrds, same load.; 66%

Pattern was nice & even coverage. I had been having great results on snow geese out to about 50 yrds. I know now why it worked so good.

.700 @ 25 yrds with 1 1/4 # 71/2's @ 1325fps; Close to or 100% . Didn't count , but didn't see any outside circle.

Too tight & dense ,unless you like Hamburger & mush!

.700 @ 40 yrds, same load. Didn't count again but easily in the 80%. Dense pattern, but a duck killer.

Here is some results with the .700 & #2 steel shot. Federal HHV 1 1/4 @ 1450 fps.

.700 tube @ 25 yrds with above load. 100%

Tight but more open than the HS.

.700 tube @ 40 yrds, same load; 73%

This was some very nice even patterns.  It really showed how the steel opened up compared to the HS at 40 yrds. This would be a very good duck load.

I have a 3 shot pattern here with a WW Swat tube. Early in the season I got caught away from my shell bag & ended up pass shooting geese up to 50 yrds, maybe more with a Swat tube & was whacking the geese.  I had 3in HS BB's & 2's. The results were surprising.

A 3 shot average with a Swat tube produced an 89% avg with 3 in. HS BB's at 40 yrds. These loads were 1 1/2 oz. @ 1300 fps.
The Supreme tube could barely post these results today.

Here are the results of the .655 Terror Tube & WW Swat tube. All patterns shot through a SBE with 28 in. barrel. All Factory loads. All of these shells were Hevi-Shot. All 3 shot Averages.

Swat tube at 25 yrds with 2 3/4 in 1 1/4 oz. 71/2's at 1325 FPS. 409 hits for a 95% pattern.

As expected just too many shot, extremely tight & hard to count because of shot so close together. The swat tube did spread the shot more than the .700 Terror tube.

Swat tube with same load at 40 yrds.265 hits with a very even spread for 62%.

The patterns really spread even across most of the 30 in. circle. These patterns are impressive as they would be the ticket for over decoys . Again this pattern was much more spread out compared to the .700 tube.

.655 tube.

I found that alot of these patterns were tight core density ,but blotchy on the fringes. Same as tripleb found on his work. I think the heavy core densities held the patterns good for 60 yrd patterns. The .675 tube would do better for 40 to 50 yrd shooting , but I was looking for 60 yrd

.655 @ 40 yrds. Environ load 3in B's 1 1/2 @ 1300 FPS. 61 hits for an 81% avg.

Patterns were blotchy. Good for 40 yrd work, but doubt it would hold to 50 yrds. I don't know why, but I got better patterns from the Remington factory loads.

.655 @ 60 yrds.  3in. BB's 1 1/2 @ 1300 FPS. 49 hits for a 65% avg.

Pattern would have been good for geese. Fairly even but getting thin from small amount of shot.

.655 @ 40 yrds. 3 1/2 in. 2's 1 1/2 @ 1400 FPS. 95 hits for a 83% avg.

Very dense core & kinda blotchy outside core. I think the .675 would even this out . Very deadly pattern but tight.

.655 @ 60 yrds. Same load. These had 70 hits @ a 61% avg.

1 of these shells had 81 hits compared to the other 2 being in the mid 60's. These patterns proved to me that if you can shoot that far you can kill with these loads. The tight cores @ 40 held these loads together for a nice killing density at 60 yrds. At 60 yrds the 2's & BB's were going thru a brand new piece of 1/2 in. plywood.

.655 @ 40yrds on a turkey target. 3 1/2 in. 4's 1 3/4 at 1300 fps

Shot a pattern to see what it would do for a turkey round. DEAD Turkey! 38 hits in head & neck.

.655 @ 60 yrds with same load. 91 hits for a 40% avg.

Would be sufficient to kill a goose ,but for some reason these 1 3/4 loads don't pattern as good. Maybe too much shot?

I have no doubt at all that with a little work at a pattern board with different shells a person can find a load that will kill consistently at 60 yrds providing the person is capable. I am not saying to shoot birds at 60 yrds but it can be done. Mr. Hajjar has produced a choke that is the real deal. I have patterned thousands of rounds with many different choke tubes & have yet to see one work this good in my SBE at longer ranges. I am not saying other brands of tubes can't do it ,they just haven't done it in my gun. Your results may not be the same ,but it can be done. My go to chokes next year will be the WWswat for close range & the. 655 when the old snows start hanging up there over the spread.
THANKS to all the other guys on here for their time & results & I believe WE are all better shooters because of the trading of info.