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Basics of Patterning
Pattern and Penetration Testing by Rob Douglas




Winchester X2 patterns w/ HEVI handloads

I wish I could take the photos and put them in here like BBB----but I can't, so here's what I came up with patterning different HEVI handloads out of my X2 with a factory FULL choke.
Weather was nice (for up here!) with sun, 10-15 ABOVE zero, 10-15 MPH wind that was NOT a factor where we shot. ALL the shells were left outside and were cold---& all fired A-OK.

at 30 yards

1 0z HEVI 5's---------------80-90%
1-1/8 oz HEVI 5's-----------81-94%

At 40 yards

1-1/8 oz HEVI 5's-----------60-65%
1-1/4 oz HEVI #5------------59-69%
1-3/8 oz HEVI 4 ------------50-55%

1-5/8 oz buffered 3" HEVI loads at 40 yds
HEVI #4s----------------74-78%
HEVI 3's----------------65-70%
HEVI DUPLEX--#2/#3-----75-80%
all these 3" patterns looked very good to me
This factory Invector FULL seems to give me the patterns I'm looking for, so I think I'll stick with it for now. *(Note*-when I previously patterned different HEVI loads with more open chokes, they showed me more open patterns---something that I'd compare to what chokes did with lead.) The tighter patterns I was looking for to fit my needs, was found with this FULL invector choke.

I still feel that I'd like to get a super tight choke that would pattern HEVI 2 & BB out to 60+ yds for snows and blues only.
Who has ideas on this? (With HEVI shot)



Here's the approximate pellet counts w/ X2
At30 yards

1 oz #5'---(up to:/High#)-----150

1-1/8 oz #5----" "----------176

At 40 yards

1-1/4 + 23grains of HEVI #5 shot----124

1-3/8 OZ of HEVI #4's--------------- 88

1-5/8 oz (Buffered) of HEVI #4------139

HEVI #3 & HEVI #2's-----120

At 50 yards, I shot the 3" buffered load of HEVI #4's and had 71 pellets

These are all RSI's HEVI manual recipes.



.700 Terror patterns w/HEVI & Steel shots

Yesterday I took time off work to capitalize on the nice weather up here and get some patterning done with my HEVI handloads in my X2 and Karen's Benelli Montefeltro.

It was mostly sunny and +10 to 15 above zero, with maybe a 10-15 MPH wind that didn't get into our patterning area much.  We've still got a LOT of snow up here (we've had over 100 ") and I left all the shells out in the cold and they all fired just fine.

Benelli 12 ga. Montefeltro
with a .700 TERROR choke

REMINGTON 3" STEEL Nitro Mags,(2,3) 1375 FPS
at 30 yds- patterns were between 85% and 95%

at 40 yds- " " " 58% & 67%

all patterns showed more than 90 hits

HEVI Handloads---.700 TERROR in Benelli

1 oz HEVI #5s at 30 yards---60--73%
1 oz HEVI #5s at 40 yards--mid 60%

1-1/8 oz HEVI 5's at 30 yards---60--72%
1-1/8 oz HEVI 5's at 40 yards---low 60%

1-1/4 oz HEVI 5's at 30 yds---70---82%
1-1/4 oz HEVI 5's at 40 yds---50---57%

1-3/8 oz HEVI #4s at 40 yds---Upper 50%

1-5/8 oz buffered HEVI-----at 40 yards

#4 HEVI ------------------- high 40%

#3 HEVI--------------------- high 40%

#2 HEVI-----------------Upper 70--low 80%

these same loads at 50---55 yards

# 3 HEVI---------------------Mid 40%

# 2 HEVI---------------------high 60%

The 1-5/8 load (Goose) and the 1-1/4 oz load (Ducks) are my "Keeper loads" that not only had enough pellet numbers for the range we'll be shooting, but they patterned good, showing uniformity in distribution.